Aquaprime® Primer


Solid Performance

Aquaprime Waterborne Pigmented Basecoat – The universal primer that supports all Chemcraft waterborne and solvent borne topcoats

AQUAPRIME delivers very high build and provides a good base on hard woods, soft woods and MDF. It performs like a solvent based primer with minimal grain raising. High solids formulation - 66%; it has excellent hold out and sands easily and quickly. AQUAPRIME is available for use under all Chemcraft waterborne and solvent borne topcoats.

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550-1600 Aquaprime WB Pigmented Primer
550-1602 Aquaprime II Neutral

Aquaprime Distinct Advantages Over the Competition

• Can be used under all Chemcraft systems

• High solids: 66% by weight / 48% by volume

• Excellent sandability

• Impressive hold out and film build – minimal shrinkage

• High hide and good filling capabilities

• Bright white

• Fast stack time – 2 hours

• Efficient for production

• Single component – no catalyst or waste


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