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Whether it’s a simple wiping stain or a high-tech solid colour, Chemcraft has a high quality, user-friendly solution. Our stain bases are designed for easy use under any of our clear systems. Glazes, toners and tints round out a complete line from waterborne to polyurethane to support all your colour needs.

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EASYSPRAY is a solvent borne wood stain made of special pigments and/or dyes. It is applied by spraying, will not swell the wood, is fast drying, has a good light-fastness and is especially suited where a fast working process is required.

Download product information sheets:
890-62XX EasySpray SB Stains


The EASYWIPE line of wiping stains are all-purpose stains for wood furniture or cabinetry. They offer a simple one-step colour base, and good clarity and grain fill with ease of workability. The EASYWIPE Stains are available as a set of standard colours or can be custom tinted to meet your requirements.

Download product information sheets:
825-72XX Easywipe 7200 Wiping Stains


These products are dye stains that give an excellent brightess and clarity. PERMATONES are available as intermixable mono colours or pre-mixed standard colours and are used as a first coat colour. The colour palette for PERMATONE is much brighter than that of either spray stains or wiping stains.

Download product information sheets:
500-XXX Permatone Dye Stain SB Stain


CHEMGLAZE is designed for glazing wood, particularly for furniture coating systems or accenting solid colours. When properly applied, it will enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

Download product information sheets:
825-4XXX Chemglaze SB Stain


(Available in 275 / 550 VOC compliant)

Designed to create specialty finishes in a spray application. Intermix available in a neutral base and four rich colours: white, black, yellow and red.

Download product information sheets:
824-17XX Promatch Aqua Dry Glaze WB Stain

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