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Chemcraft Nitrocellulose Products

Our single-component products of Nitrocellulose technology have withstood the test of time. Their ease of use, superior flexibility and high build make them perfect for furniture, moldings and all commodity based production. These products are specifically designed to help assure adhesion in the kinds of multi-step systems used for years in the furniture industry.

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CHEMLACK has been a permanent fixture for decades in high production facilities throughout the world. Quick drying with great workability, CHEMLACK has excellent flow characteristics designed to work within your environment. When dry times are critical, it’s recommended to use these products with Chemseal sealers that have been designed for speed. They are easily repairable and consistently deliver great results. CHEMLACK products are available as clear or pigmented lacquers.

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330-0XX Chemlack NC Pigmented TC
350-0XX Chemlack NC Clear TC


This nitrocellulose sealer comes ready to use in a fast dry, quick build, easy-to-sand formulation. CHEMSEAL is designed to deliver user-friendly performance under our full range of CHEMLACK products.

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390-894 Chemseal NC Clear Sealer
401-004 Chemseal Vinyl Clear Sealer
401-028 Chemseal Vinyl Clear Sealer


CHEMPRIME is a high build primer that delivers exceptional sanding and fill characteristics. Available in black, white and neutral, this base can be tinted or used as is to deliver quick dry and easy sanding. CHEMPRIME is used when economy and speed are essential in your solid colour projects.

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545-5510 Chemprime White NC Pigmented Primer

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