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Chemcraft Post-Catalyzed Products

For lasting performance that’s also user-friendly, look no further than Chemcraft. Perfect for furniture, cabinetry or any wood surface that needs to weather a household storm of cleansers and chemicals. When it needs to be durable and easy-to-use, we have the solution

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AIRGUARD® FF Clear Conversion Varnish

Now you can offer your customers a Formaldeyde Free alternative without sacrificing performance. Airguard FF Conversion Varnish is water white quality, and has low odor during application and curing. It can be used in place of any conversion varnish, and requires no special processes. Formulated for durability, Airguard FF Conversion Varnish provides excellent chemical resistance, and is clear and light stable.

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490-40XX Airguard FF Conversion Varnish

CHEMLIFE® 24 Topcoat

A true 24 hour pot life conversion varnish. Finally, a product that delivers exceptional chemical resistance with ease of application. CHEMLIFE 24 is designed to minimize waste, resulting in lower production costs. This newly developed product provides superior vertical hang and brings clarity to a new level.

Available in 275 / 550 VOC compliant

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421-63XX Chemlife 24 Post Cat Clear TC

CHEMLIFE® 24 WHITE Pigmented Topcoat

A true 24 hour pot life. A pigmented topcoat with high solids that can be tinted with 844 bases. Clean, durable and dependable. CHEMLIFE 24 delivers a high impact resistance finish that will stand the test of time. CHEMLIFE 24 passes all KCMA finish testing.

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117-24XX Chemlife 24 White Post Cat Pigmented TC

CHEMLIFE® 24 HS (High Solids) Sealer

Specifically developed to be used with our successful CHEMLIFE 24 Topcoat, but can be used under other Chemcraft Conversion Varnishes. High solids (40%), great build and clarity and good vertical hang combine to give you a system that meets all the KCMA and AWI finish standards for kitchen cabinets.

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421-6301 Chemlife 24 HS Sealer

CHEMLIFE® 24 Sealer

When you don’t want to compromise pot life vs. the benefit of having a two-component sealer. CHEMLIFE 24 Sealer was designed to give you the same maximum extended full day, 24 hour pot life without sacrificing any of the things you expect from a sanding sealer. High solids, good build and quick and easy sanding combine to give you a system that meets all the KCMA and AWI finish standards for kitchen cabinets. All of this designed to work hand-in-glove with the CHEMLIFE 24 line of topcoats.

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421-6300 Chemlife 24 Post Cat Sealer

CHEMLIFE® 24 Primer

CHEMLIFE 24 Primer is a true 24 hour pot life primer solution. Very high build and high solids make it a great choice for use on hardwoods and MDF. Excellent hold out and good vertical hang. Available in three versions -- white, black and neutral -- all primers can be tinted with 844 tints and used with Nitrocellulose, Pre-Catalyzed and Post-Catalyzed topcoats.

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522-2400 Chemlife 24 White Post-Cat Pigmented Primer
522-2401 Chemlife 24 Black Post-Cat Pigmented Primer
522-2402 Chemlife 24 Neutral Post-Cat Pigmented Primer

CoVar® 275 Conversion Varnish Clear and Pigmented Topcoats

CoVar 275 is a two-component post-catalyzed Reactive Amino Coating (RAC). This product has been formulated to meet 275 g/l VOC regulations. CoVar 275 is a fast drying, good building product that shows excellent resistance to both chemicals and to physical wear. The coating has excellent leveling and a smooth even appearance, even on open-grain woods. CoVar 275 is supplied at a ready to spray viscosity. This coating will dry quickly and sand easily and can be used a self seal finish. Very low HAPs and very low VOC.

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421-71XX CoVar® 275 Conversion Varnish Clear TC
117-71XX CoVar® 275 White Conversion Varnish Pigmented TC

CHEMVINYL HS (high solid) Sealer

This state-of-the-art catalyzed vinyl sealer delivers superior adhesion over a wide variety of stains and substrates. This, along with its extreme moisture resistance, makes it an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets. It also provides exceptional build due to its high solid design.

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546-7023 Chemvinyl HS Post-Cat Clear Sealer


Quick building, water white and resistant to yellowing, PLASTOFIX LIGHT has held the top spot in conversion varnishes for over a decade. No other conversion varnish has been able to deliver the look, feel and resistance that the PLASTOFIX LIGHT products provide. PLASTOFIX LIGHT passes all KCMA finish testing.

Available in 275 / 550 VOC compliant

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421-48XX Plastofix Light Post-Cat Clear TC
421-56XX Plastofix Plus 550 Post-Cat Clear TC

E-VAR Topcoat

Building on the success of PLASTOFIX LIGHT, Chemcraft customers have enjoyed a new level of success with E-VAR 80. Not just a lower-cost alternative to PLASTOFIX, we have made this conversion varnish product even more user-friendly. E-VAR 80 maintains high solids and also manages to come in at an easy-to-spray viscosity. E-VAR 80 passes all KCMA finish testing.

Available in 275 / 550 VOC compliant

Download product information sheets:
421-80XX E Var Post-Cat Clear TC
421-82XX E Var 550 Post-Cat Clear TC
421-84XX E Var 275 Post-Cat Clear TC


Catalyzed sealer formulated for use under all acid-catalyzed systems. High solid and easy to apply, this one will meet all your application needs. Just add catalyst. With DANSEAL it’s that simple.

Available in 275 / 550 VOC compliant

Download product information sheets:
432-1220 Danseal Post-Cat Clear Sealer

PLASTICOLOR Pigmented Topcoat

The ultimate topcoat for the ultimate primer, PLASTICOLOR is high in solids and can be tinted with standard 844 tint bases. Available in a clear and in a mid tone, Chemcraft has a full fan deck available with formulas, allowing you quick color matches and offerings. PLASTICOLOR’s smooth, highly impact resistant finish will stand the test of time, even in the most demanding of kitchens. PLASTICOLOR passes all KCMA finish testing.

Available in 275 / 550 VOC compliant

Download product information sheets:
117-10XX Plasticolor White Post-Cat Pigmented TC
117-10XX Plasticolor 900 White Post-Cat Pigmented TC
117-19XX Plasticolor 275 White Post-Cat Pigmented TC

PLASTIPRIMER - MDF Pigmented Primer

PLASTIPRIMER for MDF makes finishing MDF a breeze, often needing only one to two primer coats and one topcoat. After priming and before applying topcoat, many have remarked that the MDF door looks finished and ready to ship.

Download product information sheets:
522-1410 Plastiprimer MDF White Post-Cat Pigmented Primer
522-1413 Plastiprimer MDF Black Post-Cat Pigmented Primer


PLASTIPRIMER was developed to give extra adhesion properties to wooden surfaces, and it ships in a lower viscosity.

Download product information sheets:
522-1420 Plastiprimer Hardwood White Post-Cat Pigmented Primer
522-1350 Plastiprimer Neutral Post-Cat Primer

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